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8 Gradys Golf FAQ's

How much do you charge?

It all depends on how good you want to get. Everyone is at a different place in their golf journey and require a personalized improvement plan to reach their goals. The best place to start is with an initial planning call so we can determine where to begin.

Do you offer on-course sessions?

Yes, yes, and YES! I believe learning the game on the course is the best way to improvement and real results for players golf games.

What guarantee do you offer in your adult coaching programs?

Once we have our initial planning call, and if we find we’re a good fit, then we will setup a game assessment or initial coaching session (depending on your skill level). If you fit in either of The Scoring Method or Adult Operation 36 Programs, we will come up with an attainable and realistic goal and when we think we can achieve it by. You’re guaranteed to reach that goal or else you will receive FREE COACHING until you do. The only commitments we ask of you are:

You show up and do the work.
You remain coachable.
You keep score.

If you fail to keep these commitments, then the guarantee is null and void.

Do you coach kids?

Yes! Visit our Junior Golf Overview page.

Let's Get Started

Book a free consult today so we can learn all about you, your goals and how we can help you reach them

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